University Academic
Advising Committee

West Chester University

Contact Info
Dr. Joanne Conlon, Chair

Syllabus and Components

"National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Concept of Academic Advising" defines advising as an instructional process, not a service activity

Major Student Learning Outcomes linked to student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will become members of their higher education community.
  • Students will think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students.
  • Students will prepare to be educated citizens of a democratic society and a global community.

The Syllabus should

  • Be relevant to the campus and unit (department for which it is developed)
  • Meet the campus guidelines for all academic syllabi
  • Clearly define academic advising and articulate the advising curriculum
  • Include all contact information for the advisor and/or advising unit
  • Delineate the responsibilities and expectations for the advisor and the variety of learning experiences advisees can use to master the curriculum
  • Clearly articulate the responsibilities and expectations of the advisees
  • Include the expected learning outcomes for the advising experience; what students are expected to KNOW, be able to DO, and VALUE or APPRECIATE as a result of the academic advising experience
  • Include the material, resources, tools, and the other services students need to get the most out of the advising experiences


  • Department or Faculty's name
    • Office Location & Hours
    • Phone & email address
    • Website address



Undergraduate Student Support Services (USSSS), University Academic Advising Committee (UAAC), and or Liberal Studies (Professional Studies Track)

George Mason University Management Department