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West Chester University

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Sabbatical leave applications will be submitted using the application form available on the Provost’s webpage. The application form is a Word document; it should be downloaded and saved.

All applications must be submitted in hard copy. No electronic files will be accepted.

  • Process of Submission:
    • Download, save, and fill out the Word document “Application for Sabbatical Leave.”
    • Print and sign your original form. Then, take the form and accompanying documents (curriculum vitae, budget, letters of support, previous sabbatical report) to your Chairperson.
    • Request that the Chairperson sign the form. Take the form and documents to the Dean. 
    • Request that the Dean sign the application. Take the form and documents directly to the Provost’s Office and sign the login sheet.
    • The application must be received by the deadline date of March 16.


March 16

Faculty member submits sabbatical application to Provost’s office

May 8

SaLe Committee submits recommendations to the President or his/her designee

July 1

The President or his/her designee notifies faculty of sabbatical leaves granted


The Faculty member is responsible for obtaining Chairperson's and Dean's comments and signatures and for delivery of the completed, signed copy of the proposal to the Provost's office. Only one copy on paper should be submitted. Incomplete applications or applications received after the published deadlines will not be reviewed by the SaLe Committee.

Review of proposals will occur only during the spring semester of each academic year. Because sabbatical applications must be submitted at least two semesters in advance, faculty members cannot apply in the spring semester for a sabbatical to be taken in the fall semester immediately following submission of the application. Applications for leave for any fall semester must be submitted 3 semesters in advance. For example, a proposal submitted in the spring of 2015 could apply for a sabbatical in spring of 2016, fall of 2016 or spring of 2017. A faculty member may not submit a proposal in spring 2015 for leave to be taken in fall 2015.