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Basic Writing

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Basic Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basic Writing?

English Q20 Basic Writing is the developmental writing course, considered preparatory for the more demanding writing of general-education requirements.

How do I know if I have to take ENGQ20?

We decide writing placement on the SAT Writing overall score or the ACT Combined English/Writing score as follows: SAT Writing overall score of 489 or lower: placed in ENGQ20 ACT Combined English/Writing score of 20 or lower: placed in ENGQ20 NO SAT Writing or ACT Combined English/Writing score: placed in ENGQ20.

What are the advantages of taking ENGQ20?

  • Smaller class sizes mean you get more individual attention from your professor and make it easier for you to participate in class discussions
  • More class time is devoted to your writing and more help is available for revision
  • A greater focus on grammar and other basic skills will help you build a strong foundation in writing
  • Strong foundations will benefit you in all of your courses that require a high standard of quality and quantity in written work
  • Students who take ENGQ20 get higher grades in subsequent writing courses than students who do not take advantage of this academic resource
  • Students are challenged to do the kind of thoughtful and interesting work expected in WRT120, but at a slower pace and with additional support and practice (See our ENGQ20 Guidelines)

Do I get credit for ENGQ20?

The grade you receive in ENGQ20 gets calculated into your overall GPA, but the course credits are not included in the total required for graduation.

Can I challenge my placement in ENGQ20?

The SAT Writing score and ACT Combined English/Writing score are proven reliable indicators for placement into the most appropriate writing course. However, we know that sometimes scores don't tell the whole story. Therefore, the university offers the Basic Writing Challenge Exam (BWCE) as an opportunity to test out of Basic Writing ENGQ20 and into Effective Writing 1 WRT120. Learn More about the Challenge Exam

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