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Manage Grant

+ Letter of Award


  • Letter of Award.

    • Grant is not considered awarded until a formal Notice of Award is received from the sponsor. The notice will include:
      • Performance period for grant
      • Awarded budget
      • Points of contact:  Program Officer and Grants Officer
      • Activities requiring prior approval
      • Report/deliverable requirements
      • Special terms and conditions – human subjects, publications, etc.


+ SAP Account Set Up/ Spending Grant Funds



+Post Award Meeting


    • Shortly after notification of award, a post-award meeting will be scheduled with the PI, a representative from OSR, restricted funds accountant, and representative(s) from your Chair and/or Dean’s office.
      • At this meeting, we will discuss in detail the roles and responsibilities of the PI, OSR and restricted funds.  We will review all the requirements and guidelines of the sponsor, the university and the Federal government and how these apply to your award.



Time & Effort reporting is documentation that must reasonably reflect the distribution of activities expended by faculty or staff when working on an externally funded research project. Time and Effort must be reported every term during the calendar year (ie semesters, winter, and summer) for any faculty or staff working on a sponsored project.  


Effort is an employee’s total activity within her or his university appointment and includes all research, teaching, service, and administrative duties the employee performs.


Effort is expressed in percentage terms and must total 100% for each term.


Why do I have to do this?

The office of sponsored research at WCU is federally mandated to track the time and effort put forth by University faculty and staff whose compensation is charged in whole or in part to an externally sponsored project of any type.


If you are currently working on a sponsored project, you will be sent an e-mail reminder 10 days after the term in which you are required to report the effort.  The form must be filled out and digitally signed, and e-mailed to Catherine Spaur


Any questions regarding time and effort can be directed to Catherine Spaur:

Useful links:


PI Responsibility Checklist (PDF)
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