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Joining the ¡Amigos! program is easy.

1. Review the list of sponsorship opportunities below.

2. Select your giving level.

3. Fill out the sponsorship form ( 100 K, PDF File ).

4. Mail your form and a check made payable to The ACEER Foundation to:

P.O. Box 2549 - WCU
West Chester, PA. 19383

We Thank You for your support. Your donation is tax-deductible!


$25 Level - Provide School Supplies

Schools in rural villages are typically a one-room schoolhouse without electricity or textbooks.  Sponsorship helps schools buy desperately needed supplies, such as pencils, chalk boards, and workbooks.


$50 Level - Teach School Children about Conservation  

School children in the urban areas of Peru often do not have the opportunity to travel to the rainforest.  ACEER is able to provide experiential learning through our innovative school programs.

$100 Level - Tranining for Teachers 

ACEER provides experiential learning opportunities allowing teachers to travel to the rainforest through unique field workshops.  Teachers are then able to bring their knowledge back to their schools and community.

Teacher Training

$375 Level - Sponsor a School

Sponsorship of a village school provides resources to the school, supports community development efforts, and helps teachers develop and implement a rainforest ecology curriculum.

$500 Level - Send the Puppet Program into Schools 

¡Amigos! program staff and volunteers travel to village schools and use puppets as a creative way of communicating the message of environmental education and conservation to students and teachers.  Students then learn to create their own puppets from recycled and organic materials from their village

Puppet Show

$1000 Level - Support the Medicinal Plants Project

The ¡Amigos! program enables school children in Peru to learn about and grow medicinal plants.  The Medicinal Plants Project helps to create gardens at schools and assists the community to develop products that are then sold in local markets.  Indigenous knowledge is preserved and traditional uses of medicial plants continue.


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