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Minor in Art History | 18 semester hours

This program provides alternative tracks to satisfy a variety of emphases to which art history may be applied. These include both vocational and liberal arts interests, which range from a highly structured sequence to a self-designed sequence.

  1. Art history survey | 18 semester hours
    ARH 103 and 104, and 12 credits of electives selected at the 200, 300, and 400 levels.
    Structured sequence of courses designed to provide an in-depth comprehensive core of Western art development. Recommended as an important cultural component to the study of history, literature, performing arts, anthropology, sociology, and psychology.
  2. Art history and its interfaces | 18 semester hours
    According to interest or possible vocational application, this program provides an opportunity to explore either the various historical periods/styles of art or the interfaces of art history with studio art, American studies, and other cognate areas.
    1. Required courses | 6 semester hours
      ARH 103 and 104
    2. Upper-level courses | 6 semester hours
      Two 200 level or above art history courses
    3. Other requirements | 6 semester hours
      Under advisement, choose one from of the following:
      1. Any two studio art courses
      2. Any two American studies courses
      3. Any two other art history courses
      4. Any two cognate courses from other disciplines
      5. Any combination of the above

Either of these minors may be taken as a concentration by students as one of the minors in the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in liberal studies general degree program.