John Baker, Chair
133/143 E.O.Bull
Phone: 610.436.2755
Fax: 610.436.2290

Mission Statement

The Department of Art + Design provides a diverse group of undergraduate students with a comprehensive program in visual literacy, creative problem solving, cultural awareness, critical thinking, aesthetics, and the creative process. Students acquire knowledge, comprehension, and competency in the visual arts, using traditional and new technologies. The department offers a broad range of opportunities for students to interact with accomplished artists, both at the university and in other professional settings. Students develop a deeper understanding of the arts through internships, student organizations, and museum experiences.

After completing their studies, student are prepared to continue their academic careers at other institutions with graduate studies in fine art, art history, museum studies, art education, and other art-related disciplines. Many pursue professional careers as artists, graphic designers, or artisans within associated fields.