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Summer Programs & Workshops


The Samuel Barber Institute for Music Educators

John Villella, Associate Dean, School of Music
J. Bryan Burton, Music Education Department Chair
M. Gregory Martin, Graduate Coordinator

June 23 - August 21, 2014

Download Samuel Barber Institute 2014 Brochure (Acrobat format)

The Samuel Barber Institute for Music Educators offers an innovative combination of traditional academic courses and special subjects seminars featuring nationally renowned leaders in 21st century Music education. These courses may be applied to NASM accredited master's degrees in music education, applied music, piano pedagogy, music history and literature, and music theory as well as meeting requirements for teacher certification renewal and professional growth programs. Master's degrees in the WCU School of Music may be earned through an intensive four-summer program or a combination of regular semester and summer studies. The Samuel Barber Institute for Educators is named in honor of West Chester-born composer Samuel Barber (1910-1981) noted for his wide range of symphonic and choral works including the well-known Adagio for Strings.

Some workshops and compressed format courses offered by the School of Music will start and/or conclude on other dates within these sessions. These dates are included in the description for each course. Courses and workshops are held on the main WCU campus in West Chester, PA

School of Music Graduate Placement Test : Graduate Placement Test, a diagnostic instrument evaluating the potential graduate student's knowledge of music history and literature.

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