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Student Spotlight

Name: Alison Sharp

Major: Theatre - Dance concentration

Hometown: Souderton, PA

Expected Graduation: May 2014

Why did you decide to attend West Chester University?

When I decided to attend West Chester University, I went in as an undeclared major.  I felt that WCU would give me many options to choose from when it came time to pick a major.  In my freshman year, I took both a dance course and a theatre course and loved that they both challenged me in new ways.  Ultimately, I decided that WCU's Department of Theatre and Dance was for me.

What is your favorite thing about the Department of Theatre and Dance?

My favorite thing about the Department of Theatre and Dance is that all of the students have so many opportunities to work in their perspective fields.  Whether they be in faculty directed works, or student pieces, there is always something to audition for or something to do in another theatre-related field that helps us to learn new skills that will be valuable in our future.

What didn't you know about the Department of Theatre and Dance before you came to WCU?

Before I joined the department, I didn't know how much student work actually went into a single production at WCU.  Now I know that each production not only features students' work, but also has several student leaders and students in head designer positions.  It's always encouraging to see great work from your peers and be able to learn from them.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on auditioning in the Philadelphia area for dance companies and shows.  I also plan on auditioning for the Disney College Program.  While auditioning, I also plan on teaching dance classes in the area and am already teaching musical theatre classes at Crane Performing Arts' summer dance camp this July.

What would you like to tell students considering WCU or the Department of Theatre and Dance?

Any perspective WCU Theatre and Dance students should know that our department is a great place to further your education in the theatre.  The faculty are always willing to help students succeed.  My best advice would be to make sure you're willing to work hard at what you do.  The students who are committed the most in their fields are the ones who get the most out of their experience at WCU and leave with the most diverse and useful skills for their future in the theatre.