201 Carter Drive, Suite 100
West Chester, PA 19383

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Our Mission

To recruit, retain and grow good people, while partnering with the University in proactively identifying, evaluating and confronting tactical and strategic workplace challenges.


Our Vision - A Consulting Organization:

HR Consultants are in-house client resources. Consultants are the primary point of HR service delivery to faculty, staff, managers and student clients. The relationship between consultants and clients is collaborative. Consultants provide technical and professional knowledge, serve as a sounding board, and identify resources and alternatives, as well as advocacy. They do not make decisions for clients. Consultants seek to put clients in the best possible position to make good decisions.


Our Values

  •  Our word is the currency by which we do business. Our word and our credibility correlate directly.

  •  We pull our own carts - as a department and as members of the department.

  •  We solve problems. We aren't policy police.

  •  We treat people like seed, not sod. Growth is the only evidence of life.

  •  We build community by finding ties that bind, not by encouraging lines that divide. Members have a hard time leaving communities.

  •  We're building a house; not just laying brick.

  •  We make work fun. We spend too much time here to be miserable.

  •  We recognize that good people create good systems, not vise versa - and we recognize that systems are servants, not masters of the mission.

  •  We believe that fundamental fairness in relations is prerequisite to any decision.

  •  We encourage employees to live well-balanced lives. Employees who do are healthier, happier and more motivated.

Distributed Leadership (PDF)