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Healthy U 2012/13 Wellness Program

• The Healthy U 2012/13 Wellness Program began September 1, 2012
• All Highmark members covered under PASSHE’s healthcare plan are eligible to participate

• To participate, both the employee and their covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner must each earn 70 Healthy U points by participating in various wellness programs and activities

• Successful completion of the Healthy U 2012/13 participation requirements by the program deadline of May 31, 2013 will allow the employee to save significant dollars on their healthcare premiums for the following plan year

Maintain and Improve Your Health-- Healthy U, PASSHE’s wellness program, was designed to provide you with the tools, support, resources and programs to help you improve and maintain your health and well-being.
New Website Look, New Wellness Programs—Highmark has partnered with a leader in online health and wellness content, WebMD, to deliver a new and improved website experience for Healthy U participants. Still accessible at www.highmarkblueshield.com, the Healthy U participation and points will be tracked on the Rewards Program page. New wellness programs and activities, including online health coaching via the digital My Health Assistant, the interactive Symptom Checker, and the Health Management Center provide new opportunities for managing your health and earning Healthy U points.
70 Points Needed-- Healthy U participation is based on a point schedule. During the participation time frame noted above (September 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013), you and your covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner (if applicable) need to each accumulate a minimum of 70 points to qualify.
Required Activity – The Wellness Profile-- There is only one required activity, completion of the Wellness Profile (an online health risk assessment tool), and it is worth 30 Healthy U points. Participants can choose from a wide variety of other activities and programs with which to earn their other remaining points.

Complete a Wellness Profile. Go to www.highmarkblueshield.com, and log in with your user ID and password. Click on the “Wellness Profile WebMD” link and complete the questionnaire. The Wellness Profile is a comprehensive survey that covers all aspects of your health. When you have completed the on-line Wellness Profile, you will receive an immediate on-line report with program recommendations that address your specific needs. Both the employee and the covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner must complete a Wellness Profile. This step is an annual requirement and must be completed (even if you completed a wellness profile in an earlier Phase of Healthy U), and you are awarded 30 points towards the 70 point minimum requirement when it’s completed.

Earning the Remaining Points – In addition to completing the Wellness Profile, you can choose from any of the remaining programs and activities to attain the 70 point threshold. This includes preventive exams, telephonic health coaching, lifestyle improvement programs (which may be available at your campus, or at certain community sites), and many other available programs and activities. Check with your university human resources department for additional information on these programs.
Point Values--Each available program or wellness activity has a specific point value assigned (Click here for points schedule). You simply choose the programs or activities that you wish to participate in, and follow the required steps to receive the indicated point value for that activity. When you and your covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner have each earned 70 points or more (this includes the 30 points you receive for completing the Wellness Profile), you have met your participation requirements. The Healthy U/Rewards Program page will track and display the total number of points you have accumulated.
Deadline for Requirements--You and your covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner must complete the requirements by the May 31, 2013 deadline in order to qualify for the lowest employee health plan contributions effective for the time period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.
Plan Now--Some of the programs and activities that are available for you to earn points may take up to six months to complete – therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead in choosing the wellness programs and activities you are interested in, and start early! Make sure you allow yourself adequate time to complete those programs.
Registration--If you have never registered for Healthy U on the Highmark Blue Shield website, please
click here for an overview of the registration process.
Further Communications--More communications about Healthy U participation, including detailed information on available programs and instructions on how to participate in these programs, will be distributed soon!

Contacts for further guidance

Visit the Healthy U website at:  http://www.passhe.edu/inside/HR/Syshr/Pages/Healthy-U.aspx or http://www.wcupa.edu/HR/Training/HealthyU.asp

Call Highmark’s Member Services 1-866-727-4935

Contact your university human resources office with any questions you may have 610-436-2346

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