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Center for Contemplative Studies


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Center for Contemplative Studies

Contact Info:
Donald McCown
Assistant Professor

Room 211 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2200

Founded in 2011, the Center for Contemplative Studies has as its mission to create a culture for students, faculty, and the community to understand, apply and create a contemplative approach to life and learning. The vision is to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing within the West Chester University community. The Center will implement this mission by providing experiences and synthesis of contemplative practices; for individuals, educators, researchers and community service.

Not sure what contemplative studies is? Well, if you've heard of Yoga, mindfulness meditation, or T'ai Chi Ch'uan, you've already heard about contemplative practices.

The Center for Contemplative Studies has three main branches:

  • Research
  • Service
  • Academic

The Center also offers a monthly seminar series for continuing professional education of clinicians and educators, as well as day-long mindfulness retreats for the University and community each semester. You'll find these events listed in our calendar below. Also, please visit our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for events and resources:


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events this Fall!

Sykes Daily Meditations are now CLOSED for the Semester.

Summer Course:

HEA581 – Special Topic: Introduction to Teaching Mindfulness

Dr. Donald McCown
Dr. Christine Moriconi

Time: 9am - 5pm; Dates: 5/21-22; 6/4-5 and 11-12; Location: E.O. Bull 021

Through this experiential, accelerated course, the students will establish or deepen a personal mindfulness practice; develop the essential skills of mindfulness pedagogy; and apply their learning by designing and delivering a workshop derived from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum for a group or population in the West Chester area community. This course is scheduled across three weekends, allowing for personal mindful practice to develop, with support from audio recordings and journal writing. Content material will include; group management and process, guidance of meditation, inquiry into participant's experiences, and ethics of mindfulness interventions. The key text will be Teaching Mindfulness: A practical guide for clinicians and educators (McCown, Reibel, & Micozzi, 2010), augmented by articles from the scientific and pedagogical journals on mindfulness.

Note: This course is required for students who wish to be considered for Graduate Assistant positions in the WCU Center for Contemplative Studies, or those who wish to teach mindfulness in campus and off-campus venues for the Center.