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Macintosh Support

West Chester University supports Microsoft Windows environment for computers, software applications, and central servers and services such as electronic mail, web based applications, etc. This standardization is intended to provide economies of scale in purchase costs, replacement costs, and in technical and Help Desk staffing to adequately support campus clients. The University does provide and supports computer classrooms with Apple Macintosh computers and applications for specific purposes in some locations.

University categorized computing services such as PeopleSoft, Web, E-mail, etc. are developed, deployed, tested and maintained for the Windows environment.

ACS will provide support for Macintosh systems but in a limited capacity.  The limited support is reserved for hardware repair for those components currently under warranty as well as university supported software configuration. ACS will install Mac Office and Sophos Anti-Virus on University owned Macintosh systems.

If a department purchases a Macintosh system they agree to the following:
  • Purchase Apple Care Protection Plan

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Supported Hardware

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