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Hardware Replacement Guidelines

Replacement Guidelines

  • The purpose of this replacement cycle is to ensure that eligible faculty and staff has a computer to use in teaching, research and administration.

  • Equipment will be maintained by Information Services during its supported life.

  • PC Replacement funding doesn't allow for an individual member to receive 2 systems simultaneously from the replacement fund (i.e., PC and laptop). Any additional units must be covered by departmental funds. Replacement of the additional unit is the responsibility of the department.

  • The current hardware replacement cycle is between 4-5 years.


  1. Desktop upgrade
    1. Upgrade through the replacement fund with the current standard desktop
    2. Retired desktop is removed
  2. If you have both laptop and desktop
    1. Replacement fund will only replace ONE system (desktop OR laptop)
    2. Old unit is removed
  3. If an individual is a new hire not replacing a current position
    1. The department hiring is responsible for the initial purchase


  1. Laptop upgrade
    1. Upgrade through replacement fund with the current standard laptop
    2. Retired laptop is removed
    3. If the individual has a docking station/port replicator the fund will pay for a replacement and retired equipment is removed


  1. If a printer is deemed non-repairable it is replaced with department funds
  2. If a printer is in need of a fuser/ maintenance kit it is charged to department funds


  1. Dual monitor and any peripheral are purchased with department funds
  2. If an individual has dual monitors and one monitor is deemed non-repairable it is replaced with department funds