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Adel Barimani, CIO
Vice President for Information Services
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Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometry Detection
Chemistry Department - Schmucker Science Center South - Room 318


A new Agilent 7890A gas chromatograph with a 5975C Series GC/MSD was purchased for the chemistry department. This instrument is regularly used by students in classes such as Organic Chemistry labs, Advanced Analytical Chemistry labs and Forensic and Toxicology Labs. In addition to that, it is used by faculty and students for a variety of research projects.

After the purchase and installation, Agilent Technologies donated additional parts that allowed us to modify the configuration of the instrument so that it had a two inlet/two column system. This allowed greater flexibility for its use in both research and teaching. They also donated an automatic liquid sampler tower and a 100-sample tray which has increased productivity and made it much easier to complete research projects which must be scheduled around class usage.

Since the installation, many successful research projects have been completed by various faculty members. One such project involved the analysis of pesticide residues on apple samples. This project was included in the Agilent Technologies Food Safety Application Booklet.