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Early Alert Program


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Early Alert Program

224 Lawrence, Cube E
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2187


How to Refer

Prior to mid semester faculty teaching courses served through the program have the opportunity to refer students to the Early Alert Program through their MyWCU course rosters. Faculty will see a "refer" button located on their course rosters. Students with C- grades or lower can be referred to the program. Please be sure to include grade at time of referral.

When to Refer

  • Are there students in your class who have poor attendance?
  • Are there students who are inattentive?
  • Are there students who arrive late and/or leave early?
  • Are there students who you believe will not be successful in your class?

Early intervention should occur prior to mid semester. Students need to have enough time to make contact with the program and to obtain information regarding available options. For example, if withdrawing from a course may need to be considered students need to learn of withdrawal policies, have time to make contact with their assigned advisors, as well as learn of information related to possible effects on financial aid packages, all prior to actually withdrawing and prior to the withdrawal deadline.

Where Do Referrals Go?

Students with a grade of C- or lower are identified by the professor and referred. Once students are referred, an email letter is automatically generated to the students informing them of their low grades for the designated course(s) and introducing them to program services. An email is sent to the Program Coordinator, who assigns students with Program Assistants. An email is generated to the students' advisors informing them of their assigned students who are in academic jeopardy. Lastly, the Director of the Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) receives a copy of the students' letter, informing the office of the low grade report. Only staff and faculty who have access to grade reports have access to Early Alert grades.


  • Faculty should hand out test results and grades to the students before filling out the referral form.
  • Your comments are highly important to us. We use the information to initiate the conversation with the student.
  • The form includes a box for you to list comments regarding why you think the student is doing poorly (e.g., frequent absences, incomplete assignments, etc.).
  • The system only accepts letter grades. You must include an estimated letter grade to date for the form to be saved properly. Only letter grades of a C- or below apply.
  • Electronic submission allows us to pull data from PeopleSoft, such as demographic, academic, and other student data to do statistical analysis.
Early Alert Tutorial