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News and Notes

Debra Crawford


For her community service, Debra Crawford chose the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, a living history museum demonstrating 18th century farm life, located at Ridley State Park. Every other weekend, Debra donned authentic reproductions of a historically accurate period costume and played the part of an 18th century Quaker farm wife. Debra went beyond expectations by sewing her own costume made from 100% linen which included a shift, petticoat, bed jacket and cap.

While serving with Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, the plantation house was under renovation and, therefore, not opens to visitors. With house tours not possible to visitors, Debra took the initiative to learn an 18th century game and taught this game to visitors as an alternative activity.

About her community service, Debra said: "I have learned to think on my feet and am better able to communicate with a variety of people at a varying range of ages and abilities."