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Education for Sustainability

The Undergraduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability (EFS)


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The 12-credit undergraduate certificate program in education for sustainability (EFS) is designed for undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students who want to develop their understanding of sustainability and apply their learning on campus, at home, and in their future careers. The program consists of four courses that provide the perspective, experiences, and practical methods needed to immediately put your learning into practice. 


To earn the undergraduate EFS certificate, candidates must complete the following:

  • EDO 400    Environmental & Sustainability Education: History, Theory, & Practice
  • EDO 410    Systems in Sustainability Education
  • EDO 420    Outdoor and Place-Based Education
  • EDO 450    Education for Sustainability: Methods and Field Experience

Current Course Schedule


Spring Semester 2015

EDO400-80  Environmental & Sustainability Education: History, Theory, & Practice

Tuesdays 4:12-7:10pm

Summer Session I:  May 26th - June 25th, 2015

EDO410-21  Systems in Sustainability Education

Dates & Times TBA

Summer Session II:  June 29th - July 31st, 2015

EDO450-31  Education for Sustainability: Methods and Field Experience

Dates & Times TBA

Summer Post Session:  August 3rd –21st, 2015

EDO420-41  Outdoor and Place-Based Education

Dates & Times TBA (includes overnight experiences)




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Sustainability: the possibility that human and other life will flourish on the planet forever.”

  – John R. Ehrenfeld, author of Sustainability by Design