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Dr. Jeff Harris, DrPH, MPH, RD, LDN
College of Health Sciences
West Chester University
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Dietetics is the scientific study of food intake and preparation with the practical application of diet in relation to health and disease. The dietetics profession affords a professional the opportunity to combine an interest in food, nutrition, fitness, health, and management with meeting the needs of individuals or groups in wellness, illness and physical performance.

The BS in Nutrition and Dietetics major is a four-year, undergraduate degree which combines a strong foundation in the biological and chemical sciences with advanced dietetic course work.

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The Department of Nutrition is pleased to announce our newest program: Master of Science in Community Nutrition.

Designed for registered dietitians and those with undergraduate nutrition degrees, the M.S. in Community Nutrition is a research-focused program that promotes nutritional health and disease prevention with an emphasis on vulnerable communities. Our program is available 100% online and includes a foundation in nutrition science, applied nutrition, and research techniques, all culminating with a capstone project.


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Nutrition students at 'Healthy Kids Day,' April 2013.

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Emily Nowosielecki, one of our very own Nutrition and Dietetics students, was finalist in the 2014 Journal Photo Contest held by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her photo (below) was featured in the Journal's booth at FNCE's 2014 conference and will be featured in the 2017 Journal calendar.

Fruit with flowers

"I named the picture Harvest with Passion. This picture's harvest includes Armenian cucumbers making the base of the heart. Indigo rose tomatoes, sun gold tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and bachelorbutton flowers fill the inside of the heart. Lastly, outside of the heart lies cinnamon basil blossoms and a squash flower."

~ Emily Nowosielecki

Bread on a Table Red and Green Sweet Peppers Red Onions and Tarragon Growing


Picture courtesy of Joe Monahan