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Dr. Jerome Williams
109 Main Hall
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Phone: 610-436-2700
Fax: 610-436-3048
Jerome Williams

Language Tutors

Tutors at the LARC Center:

The LARC Center offers tutoring in Spanish, German, Italian, and French.
These sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis during the first weeks of the semester.

Check the information and contact them at:

Fall 2014 Language tutors for 101, 102, 201 and 202 courses:

These tutors are also available in the Main Hall Computer Lab (Main 200).

Their available times will be posted on the lab door each week. You can also contact the tutors by email.

The Language Tutors for the Fall 2014 semester are: 
(hours will be posted in MAIN 200 lab, and they will be updated here the first week of October)


Samar Aldhahri                        Gregory Donnelly                        
Meiling Lawless                           
Sabine Da Silva                           Kelly Killoran                         
Laura Schwartz                         Kelly Slabicki                                   
Alessandra Fonseca                       Cienna Mattei                     
  Nicole Locorriere                           
Rina Unno                                   Yumi Iwaguchi                         
Alexei Markel                          
Keith Miller                                      Adrienne Legg                             
  Adessa Flack                Isabel Ocampo                                 
  Talia Cohen                      Grace Valarezo (also SPA 301)