Current & Upcoming Courses

Summer Session I:

STA532 (Survival Analysis)
Dr. Rieger

Summer Session II:

STA531 (R Programming)
Dr. Crossett

Fall 2015 Semester:

STA 505 (Math Stat I)
Dr. Crossett

STA 507 (Categorical Data Analysis)
Dr. McClintock

STA 511 (Intro. Stat. Computing)
Dr. Rieger

STA 513 (Int. Linear Models)
Dr. Gallop

STA 531 (Applied Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics)
Professors Sese and Wynnet

Winter 2014 Semester:

STA 531 (Advanced SAS Programming)

Spring 2015 Semester:

STA 506 (Math Stat II)
Dr. Gallop

STA 512 (Principles of Experimental Analysis)
Dr. McClintock

STA 514 (Modern Experimental Design and Sampling Methods)
Co-taught by Dr. Crossett and Dr. Rieger

STA 533 (Longitudinal Data Analysis)
Dr. Gallop

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