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Bachelor of Science – Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry

JY in the lab The B.S. in FORENSIC and TOXICOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY is a program (accredited by FEPAC) for students interested in working in criminalistics and toxicology laboratories. The program prepares students for graduate study and specialization in these fields. Since 2008 71% of our F&TC graduates have moved on to positions in F&TC, industry or graduate study, as detailed in this chart. Follow this link to read about how the American Chemical Society describes a forensic chemists's career. More on careers in forensics can be found at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences site. A one-semester internship in a police or toxicology forensic-chemistry laboratory is a mandatory part of this program. Background checks similar to those required for law enforcement officiers are likely to be a condition of employment [NIJ Report NCJ 203099 - "Qualifications for a Career in Forensic Science." pp. 7-10). Visit our Quality/Value page for some measures of student achievement.

Forensics and Toxicological Chemistry Approved Curriculum