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Internships for Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry Majors

A one-semester internship in a state, federal or private forensic or toxicological laboratory is a mandatory part of this program. Background checks similar to those required for law enforcement officiers are likely to be a condition for internships and employment [NIJ Report NCJ 203099 - "Qualifications for a Career in Forensic Science." pp. 7-10) .

Internships for Chemistry Majors

An internship is an off-campus work or research experience that can take place in a variety of industrial, governmental and academic laboratories. Internships are arranged through your academic advisor and the appropriate internship coordinator.

Pathways to Science offers more information on summer research experiences, graduate school and scholarships.

Here are a few examples of internships taken by our students.



Alexis Harkins in action working on the Southern Oxidant and Aerosol  Study in Brent, AL.



Angie worked in an Analytical Toxicology laboratory for her Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry Internship


Kurt did his internship at National Foam here in West Chester.

Greg in the lab


Greg has his internship at an area Police DNA laboratory.


Becky tested for drugs in animal samples.


Drug sampling