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Laboratory Updates in the Chemistry Department

Computerization of General Chemistry Labs

The Department was awarded $39,000 from the State System of Higher Education Instructional Technology fund (funded by student fees) to set up a computerized laboratory for general chemistry courses. This equipment was introduced in the Spring 2004 semester, and the lab curriculum revised to take advantage of the new capabilities in time for the Fall 2004 semester. More than 500 students from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Public Health, Sports Medicine, and many others now take these courses each year. The MicroLAB interface has an integral 10 color LED scanning colorimeter, an integrated pressure sensor, three integrated timers, a pH probe, a temperature probe, a drop counter, and provision for many other probes and accessories. The ability to automatically collect data, which is then processed by the student, focuses them on the experimental concepts rather than the transcription of numbers. The project is spearheaded by Drs. John Townsend and Roger Barth.