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Department of English

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English graduates from West Chester University of Pennsylvania are known for their excellent reading and writing skills honed by critical thinking and a superior sense of perspective. You will find them working a variety of professions, including law, education, politics, public relations, and journalism. It is their broad perspective on business, political, and other issues that sets them apart. To learn more about our department and programs, view our English Department Mission Statement and our undergraduate program learning outcomes/objectives. The English Department is a proud supporter of West Chester University's sustainability efforts.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania offers the following undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Bachelor of Arts

The English B.A. concentrates on English, American, and World literatures; reading, interpretation and analysis; intensive practice in writing; and insight into the workings of language. We offer two tracks for English B.A. students: the Writings Track and the Literatures Track. Students also can add coursework to attain a BA with a teaching certificate in English.

Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S. Ed.) - English

The B.S. Ed. is for those who wish to concentrate on secondary school teaching. Students in this program will take a wide variety of subject area and pedagogical courses. To become a certified teacher, candidates will need to satisfy requirements from both the English Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Professional and Secondary Education. In additon to the undergraduate program learning outcomes/objectives, there are also program learning outcomes/objectives specific to the B.S. Ed. in English.

English Minor Program

This supplemental program allows both English majors and students from other disciplines to explore another academic area in depth without adding a second major. The English minor categories include: African and African-American Literature; Business/Technical Writing; Creative Writing; Literature; Film Criticism; Journalism; Linguistics; and Literature.

Master of Arts in English

For those ready to take the next step in their education, we offer the M.A. in English.