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MLA Style Guide

Writing in the Nursing Field:

This site explains the unique genres associated with the nursing profession and includes additional resources on writing scientific abstracts, finding reliable academic sources, and writing to a specific audience.

Disciplinary Writing Guides:

The Harvard Writing Project includes specific PDFs on writing across the disciplines including psychology, life sciences, philosophy, economics, and more. There are also guides on writing the senior thesis in a variety of subjects.

Instructional Videos

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Writing Centers' Resources

Michigan Technological University:
This site provides advice on citations, plagiarism, proofreading, and how to write research papers.

Purdue University:
If English is your second language, this page will be very helpful. It has over 60 links to handouts concerning grammar and other essentials.

Temple University:
Temple's writing center offers tutoring online for campus students and non-campus students. It also offers technology resources which can be very helpful.

International Writing Center Association:
This page is extremely thorough, offering electronic discussion groups, and a writing center start-up kit to get any student started.

How to Access Online Databases: A Link from the Community of Writers

The following link was suggested by Ms. Arianna Hernandez and her students at Valley Charter School in California. Thanks, Ms. Hernandez, for getting in touch with us and demonstrating the way people can connect via the Internet over shared curiosity and desire to investigate information online.

The following link suggested by Ms. Hernandez's students is on the CR Codes Website, a personal web site. The list provided on the page linked below is a very helpful tool if you do not have access to a library database such as the one students at West Chester University (and other universities) can access. The author of the site, Lidia Szczepanski, has a great map in her mind of information and where it is housed. She has a particular interest in the promise of CR Codes for providing on-site access to sites via Smart Phone devices, for instance.

CR Codes Scanning: Technology Research

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