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Deposit Slip Creation

This form is utilized to create a deposit slip for the deposit of cash, checks, or credit cards through the Bursar's office. The form will automatically crosswalk your department's SAP fund center into PeopleSoft chartfield values. If you need information related to the appropriate handling of cash or checks please take a moment to review the university's cash handling procedure guide.  If you have any questions regarding the selection of appropriate fund centers or GL accounts please contact Trixia Santiago (x2334) for assistance.  Fields marked with an * are required.

Your Name: *

Phone Number: *

Fund Center to which this money will be applied:
* - Field is sorted numerically

Tender Type and Amount:

Credit Card:

Total Amount to be deposited:

GL Account: * - Field is sorted numerically

Check here if you require a receipt. If checked you must supply a campus address.

Campus Address: {Building and Room}

Description to Appear on the Receipt: {30 Characters or less}