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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Fiscal Year End

We ask your help to notify faculty and staff of the following processing timelines and to make this year end a success by adhering to our due dates. Thank you for taking a moment to look at the various deadlines below to make sure all necessary paperwork has been submitted. If you have not done so already, we also ask that you now review your budgets and charges to make corrections prior to the FY2016 yearend closing. Thank you.

Travel Expenses
Payment Requests
Delivered Merchandise
Facilities Work Order Reviews
Expense Transfers
Budget Transfers

Purchasing Card Charges - Purchasing card charges posted by the vendor prior to July 1st will be posted to your account in June. Please contact Trixia Santiago (x2334) or Nicole Bobbert (x5654) with any questions.

Requisitioning - Requisitions for services or goods to be provided/delivered prior to June 30, 2016 must be entered in SAP and accessible to Purchasing by June 10, 2016. Questions on this should be directed to Bob Malone (x1019) or Marianne Peffall (x2705).
Travel Expenses - Travel expense reimbursement request should be sent to the Accounts Payable Office no later than June 17th, for travel through May 31, 2016. For travel reimbursements for June 1st through June 30th, the travel expense reimbursement must be sent to the Accounts Payable Office no later than July 8, 2016. Travel reimbursement requests turned in after July 8th will be applied to your FY 2017 budget. Please contact Nicole Bobbert (x5654) with any questions.
Payment Requests - For a payment request to be processed in FY2016 it must be received by Purchasing at 201 Carter Drive, Suite 200 no later than June 10, 2016.
Invoices - If you have received any invoices for services or goods provided/delivered prior to June 30, 2016, they must be submitted to Accounts Payable as soon as possible but no later than July 12, 2016. Questions on this should be directed to Nicole Bobbert (x5654).
Delivered Merchandise - If you have any merchandise which was delivered directly to you from a vendor prior to June 30, 2016, send the receipts, delivery slips, etc. and a copy of the requisition/PO to Accounts Payable as soon as possible but no later than July 12, 2016.
Expense Transfers - If you have any expenditure transactions that should be recorded differently to better reflect the nature of the transaction, go to the Accounting section of the Finance, Budget, and Business Services web page and complete the Expense Transfers Request form. Please review your reports now and if necessary, request any needed adjustments as soon as possible.  The last day to submit these for FY2016 expenses is July 6, 2016 .  Please contact Trixia Santiago (x2334) with any questions.
Budget Transfers - Budget transfers for fiscal year 2016 may be requested via the Budget Office website budget transfer request form through June 24, 2016. Please contact Lisa Westervelt (x1042) or Glenda Hellmig (3428) for personnel budget related transfers or Judy Oulouhojian (x2441) for operating budget related transfers.

Facilities Work Order Reviews - Please review any work orders that have been charged to your department.  Any corrections required for fiscal year 2016 facilities chargebacks must be submitted to Sue Miller (x2442) no later than June 30, 2016. Chargeback reporting directions and related information is located on the Facilities Financial and Support Services website.

If you have specific questions, do contact the staff mentioned above. If you have general questions, comments, or concerns about our year end processes, please contact Kevin McCadden (x2223).


Updated: May 2016