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Transportation Orders

A transportation order may be requested to cover the cost of transportation (bus, plane, train) fares associated with business related travel. The order will authorize transportation agencies to direct bill West Chester University for your ticket cost.

One transportation order is required for each traveler
Please verify that your transportation provider will accept a transportation order for direct billing purposes.
An Advance Travel Authorization form or email from your supervisor approving your travel must be submitted to Accounts Payable prior to issuance.
Please provide Accounts Payable with a minimum of 10 days advance notice for all hotel orders
The complete name and address of the transportation provider is required.
Complete chart field information is required for chargeback purposes.
Provide the dates for the needed travel.
Once approved, you will be notified by email that your order is ready for pick up. You will receive 2 copies of the Transportation Order. The “original” copy will be printed with the West Chester University seal over the Issuing Officer’s signature. The other copy will not. The copy without the seal is to be used for your department’s records and/or to be attached to your request for reimbursement at the completion of your trip.
Present both copies to the transportation provider and ensure that they complete the ticket cost section and insert their Federal Identification Number.
Review the accuracy of the charges before signing the form.
The transportation provider is to keep the original (with imprinted seal) copy which will be forwarded to Accounts Payable with their direct bill invoice for payment.
You should keep the second copy to attach to your Travel Expense Voucher which is to be submitted at the end of your trip. If your department requires a copy of the transportation order, please make an additional copy for their records.
Accounts Payable
Prepare one transportation order for each traveler
Ensure that you receive either an Advance Travel Authorization form or email from the traveler’s supervisor authorizing the travel expense.
Ensure that the full transportation provider name and address are obtained.
Ensure that the dates needed for travel are clear.
Ensure that complete chart field accounts are obtained for chargeback.
Prepare the automated transportation order. Two copies of the order will print automatically. One will be printed with the West Chester University seal over the Issuing Officer’s signature. This is the “original” copy that is to be presented to the transportation provider & returned to Accounts Payable with the transportation providers invoice requesting payment. The second copy will not have a seal. This copy is the traveler’s copy which should be attached to their Travel Expense Voucher.
Authorize each order by signing the Issuing Officer’s signature in colored ink. This is done to reduce the chance of double payment when copies are presented for payment.
Notify the traveler via email in the automated database that the order is ready for pick up. If you receive a copy of the transportation order & invoice for payment and it is not the original (does not have the WCU seal or “colored” ink issuing signature), you must check the database to see if we have already issued payment. If we have, send a letter to the hotel advising them of the previous payment.
Once a transportation invoice is received with the original transportation order (WCU seal & colored signature) and the amounts match our original approved advanced travel authorization/email, you may enter the voucher.
Once the check prints, re-enter the automated database and enter the voucher #, check #, and check amount. This will serve as a double check against future duplicate payments and provide valuable data for management reporting.
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