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Travel Advances

From time to time, it is necessary to purchase airline tickets prior to the actual trip. A travel advance can be requested in cases where the expense is incurred in advance of the trip date. The advance is requested using the Travel Authorization form. The reason for the advance must be written on the form and the form must have the appropriate approvals prior to being submitted to the Cash Disbursements and Card Systems Manager. Account numbers (i.e., SAP Cost Center number) for travel advances must be completed by the authorizing manager of the traveler.


The Travel Expense Voucher and all original receipts must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Team within 14 days of completion of the trip.

When submitting the Travel Expense Voucher, the advance should be noted on the form and deducted from the amount owed. Only the expense actually incurred will be charged to departmental budgets. Any unspent balance of an advance should be returned to Accounts Payable with the Travel Expense Voucher.

At the discretion of the university president (or designee), amounts may be advanced up to the sum $500.00 to employees, with such advances to be deducted from the allowable reimbursement. Employees receiving such advances shall file a settlement travel voucher within fourteen (14) working days of return from the travel. No further travel advance shall be granted until a settlement voucher is filed from the previous advance.