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Travel Authorization

This procedure describes the process for completing an "Advance Travel Authorization Form" and requesting Transportation Orders.

Advance Travel Authorization Form

Instructions for Form

Advance Travel Authorization Form for International Travel


Performance Standard:

    At least 10 business days prior to the departure date, the employee submits a properly completed "Advance Travel Authorization Form" and provides the service provider information for any required Transportation Orders to Accounts Payable.

    Within 5 business days of receiving the "Advance Travel Authorization Form" and associated hotel or transportation information, Accounts Payable will create the requested cash advance checks and the required orders.

Quality Control:

The Department Manager verifies, signs and dates the Advance Travel Authorization Form, which signifies that the travel expenses are authorized. Account Payable ensure that the form is signed and that there is adequate funding in the authorizing department's budget for the travel expenses.


The employee must complete the "Advance Travel Authorization Form", provide any necessary hotel or transportation information to Accounts Payable, and give the top two copies of the fully completed Hotel and/or Transportation Orders to the service provider at the time of payment.

To Complete the "Advance Travel Authorization Form":

The employee enters the following information into the top section of the form:

    Travel Authorization Number, which is the SAP Fund Center Number followed by the department defined serial tracking number ,
    Name of Traveler,
    Employee ID Number,
    Residence Address, City, State, Zip code,
    Bargaining Unit/ Class title,
    Campus Department,
    Purpose of Travel,
    Dates of Departure Destination,
    Provision for classes during absence (if Faculty).

In the SAP Account Grid, the employee allocates the cost of travel across the authorizing Cost Centers and Accounts.

The employee enters the following information:

    Cash Advance Required amount,
    Hotel Order Amount *,
    Transportation Order Amount *,
    * An estimate based on a quotation from the service provider is acceptable.
    Miscellaneous Expense Amount (if applicable),
    Description of the Misc. Expense,
    Registration Fees with the registration form attached (if applicable),
    Indicates whether a Transportation or Hotel Order is required.

If a Transportation Order is required, the employee provides to Accounts Payable, the following information:

    Services Provider name,
    Departure location and date,
    Arrival location and date.

Upon receipt of the completed "Advance Travel Authorization Form", the Department Manager:

    Reviews the amounts,
    Signs and dates the voucher,
    Returns the voucher to the employee.

International Travel: If the travel is international (travel outside of the contiguous United States), the form must also be approved in writing by both the Provost and the University President.  The International Advance Travel Authorization form has additional signature lines for these approvals.

The employee copies the form, retains a copy, and forwards the original to Accounts Payable.

When the "Advance Travel Authorization Form" is received, Accounts Payable:

    Reviews the form to ensure that there is adequate funding in the authorizing department's budget for the travel expenses, If there are any questions or problems with the form, then Accounts Payable contacts the employee for clarification or
    If the form is properly completed, then Accounts Payable processes the request.