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Reimbursement Procedure

A. Overview:
  This procedure describes the process for requesting travel expense reimbursement.
B. Performance Standard:
  1. Within 15 business days after returning from travel, the employee submits a properly completed and approved "Travel Expense Voucher".
  2. Within 10 business days after receipt of the "Travel Expense Voucher", Accounts Payable reimburses authorized travel expenditures to the employee.
C. Quality Control:
  1. The employee completes the "Travel Expense Voucher" and attaches the receipts for reimbursable travel expenses and any Transportation Orders.
  2. The Department Manager verifies, signs, and dates the "Travel Expense Voucher", which signifies that the travel expenses are authorized.
  3. Accounts Payable ensures compliance to this and all applicable policies and procedures by auditing employee "Travel Expense Vouchers".
D. Record Retention:
  1. The employee retains a copy of the Travel Expense Voucher and associated documentation in a secured department file for 3 years. After this retention period the records may be destroyed.
  2. Accounts Payable retains the completed "Travel Expense Voucher" and the associated documentation for 5 years. After this retention period the records may be destroyed.
E. Responsibilities:
  1. During the trip, the employee records all reimbursable travel charges on a "Travel Expense Voucher" and obtains legible, itemized receipts as supporting documentation.
  2. The Department Manager ensures compliance to this procedure and all applicable travel policies, procedures, and training.
  3. Accounts Payable disburses the check, after reviewing the completed "Travel Expense Voucher" and associated documentation.
F. To complete a "Travel Expense Voucher":
  1. The employee enters the following information into the top section of the voucher:
    a. Travel Authorization Number from the "Advance Travel Authorization Form" (if applicable),
    b. Travel Expense Number, which is the full Org. Number or Project/Grant Number followed by the department serial tracking number (see "Form Numbering Conventions" for more information),
    c. Name,
    d. Bargaining Unit or Class Title: AFSCME, APSCUF, Manager, etc.,
    e. Social Security Number or Employee ID Number,
    f. SAP Cost Center string to be charged for travel (there can be 2)
    g. Amount of travel expense to be charged,
    h. Where the check is to be delivered - Home, Office, Other (include address)
    i. Department Name and Location,
    j. Locations (city, state) - Departure location Destination location
  2. Under each day, the employee records:
    a. Calendar date of travel,
    b. Departure/Arrival Time,
    c. Transportation Costs - Airplane Fare, Railroad Fare, Public Ground Fare (taxis, buses, subways, etc.), Private Auto Mileage (number of miles traveled on business), Rental Vehicle Costs, Tolls, Parking,
    d. Lodging and Meal Costs - Hotel / Motel room Breakfast *, Lunch *, Dinner *, * Use PD for Per Diem or PR for Provided.
    e. Other Expenses - Registration Fees, Business Phone Charges, Tips (other than meals), Other (describe).
  3. To finish the form, the employee:
    a. Enters the amounts of any advances and the Purpose for Travel,
    b. Saves and prints the voucher,
    c. Attaches receipts and any Transportation Orders,
    d. Prints name, signs and dates the voucher,
    e. Forwards the voucher and receipts to the Department Manager.
G. Upon receipt of the voucher and receipts, the Department Manager:
  1. Verifies that:
    a. Receipts exists for each line item,
    b. The employee complied with applicable travel policies, procedures and training.
  2. Prints name, signs and dates the voucher, 3. Returns the voucher to the employee.
H. The employee copies the voucher and receipts, retains them in a secure location, and forwards the original to Accounts Payable.
I. Accounts Payable reviews the voucher and the associated documentation prior to disbursing funds to ensure compliance with all travel policies and procedures.