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Contracting Authority

The intention of this memo from the President is to serve as a reminder in regard to contracting on behalf of West Chester University. The President alone has the authority to sign contracts or agreements that bind the University unless the President delegates this authority, in writing, to others. No person, excepting the written delegates, may sign contracts or agreements involving the University.

For the sake of clarity, the primary person who has been delegated with contracting officer authority on behalf of the University, without financial limitations is the Vice President for Administration and Finance. In the event of his/her absence, that responsibility shall fall to Marianne Peffall, Director of Business Services. No other individual has contracting signatory authority on behalf of the University unless delegated in advance and in writing. The new procurement law (Act 57) has established checks and balances to be certain that more than one individual is involved in the approval process. To this end, this Act has designated a Contracting Officer and a Fiscal Officer designation.

The primary person who has been delegated authority as "fiscal officer" to review contracts and agreements, and to sign disbursement authorizations on behalf of the University, without limitation is the Vice President for Administration and Finance, or Kevin McCadden, Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting.  No other individual has fiscal authority on behalf of the University unless delegated in advance and in writing.

These designations are made pursuant to Act 57 of 1998 and the Board of Governors Policy 1998-04. If you have any questions regarding this memo or require assistance in the preparation of a contract, please feel free to contact Mrs. Marianne Peffall at telephone extension 2705 regarding contracting matters.

The Chief Academic Officer, R. Lorraine Bernotsky and the Chief Financial Officer or their respective designees shall sign all University Affiliation Agreements.

Additionally, it is a practice of this University to recognize the authority of other Vice Presidents or their designees with regard to internal commitments and obligations being made of their area’s resources and the impact on their respective programs. Accordingly, appropriate co-signature blocks shall be provided on contracts or agreements (when possible and practical) to afford appropriate reviews and internal approvals by participating or affected parties. These auxiliary signatures are for internal purposes and do not represent the legally binding contractual authority referenced above.

Presidential Delegation of Authority Matrixes:

Purchasing and Contracting Officers
Fiscal Officer
Affiliation Agreements

Updated: July 2016