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SSI Requests

When requesting goods or services from SSI, it will no longer be necessary to complete a Payment Request form or Requisition in most cases. You may utilize the SSI Request Form for your requests. You must first obtain approval from your department head/chair/manager for the item/service being requested. Then, the following pieces of information must be included in form sent (as an attachment) by email to SSI:

Name of the requestor & requesting department
SAP Cost Center to be charged for the expense
SAP GL Account #
What is being requested
Justification for the expense
Amount of the request
Name of Approving Manager/Department Head/Chair (the approving manager/department head/ or chair must be copied on your email)

SSI will then process your request. Please remember that incomplete data on your requests may result in a delay in processing. SSI will submit copies of your forms to Accounts Payable on a monthly basis for reimbursement.

If your request concerns a transfer of funds from one account to another or originates as a gift, you will still be required to complete a Request for Payment form and forward your requests to Restricted Funds for processing as in the past. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please feel free to contact the Accounts Payable Manager at any time.

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