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Rental Insurance

Renter's Insurance is essential to all who live in any kind of rental unit. It protects your belongings from loss, theft,, and damage. Renter's Insurance also protects you from being sued for medical bils if someone were to hurt themself in your apartment. Try to find insurance that covers fire, theft, and water damage.

Some things to consider about Renter's Insurance:

  • Your landlord's insurance covers only damage to their property or injuries that occur outside of the apartment.
  • Just because your roommate has insurance doesn't mean you ara covered
  • Policies only cover the personal belongings of the insured
  • It is possible to purchase a policy that covers all people living in the same apartment.

How to get Renter's Insurance:

Check with your parents, many times their homeowner's insurance will cover a dependent's apartment. In most cases you are able to get Renter's Insurance from the same insurance company that provides your car insurance.