Sykes Student Union

West Chester University

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Sykes Student Union Administration

Administrative Offices:


Sykes Union Administration

Office Extension Room #
Sykes Information x2984,x3360 Sykes Lobby
Dave Timmann, Director of Sykes Union x2984, x3360 116
Christina Brenner, Associate Director of Sykes Union x2984, x3360 116
Toni Kampf, Assistant Director of Sykes Union x2984, x3360 116
Sandy Jones, Director of Off Campus and Commuter Services x2209 238
Sabrina Rightmer, Support Staff/Room Reservations x2984, x3360 116
Ann Callaghan, Support Staff/Off Campus & Commuter Services x 2984, x3360 116

Student Affairs

Office Extension Room #
Mary Ellen Panaccio x2117 238
Trudy Cruice x3301, x3302 238
Dr. Matthew Bricketto x3301, x3302 241
Dr. Sara Hinkle x 3511 245

Student leadership and Involvement

Office Extension Room #
Charlie Warner x2117 238
Meghan Gaffney x2117 238

Greek Life Programs

Office Extension Room #
Cara Jenkins x2117 240

Student Activities

Office Extension Room #
Barrett McGee x3037 236C

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Office Extension Room #
Skip Hutson x3273 003
Querida Lugo x3273 003


Judical Affairs

Office Extension Room #
Lynn Klingensmith x3511 249
Shelley Siedzikowski x3311 238


LGBTQA Services

Office Extension Room #
Annesah Smth, LGBTQA Services x 3301 238