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Building Policies

  • Posting Space: Bulletin boards are located throughout the building for general informational posting, book sales, program advertisements and other postings. Postings must be in line with our Values and Civility Statement. They may not include advertising that is sexual in nature and may not refer to the use of alcohol or drugs. Postings should be given to the staff at the Information Desk and they will be posted by building staff. No more than three postings are permitted due to space constraints. All unauthorized postings or those not following the guidelines will be removed. Please read the Posting Guidelines for further information.
  • Lockers: Lockers are available on the ground floor and can be rented by the semester or the academic year. Stop by the SSI window on the ground floor of Sykes for more information.
  • Banners: Members of the West Chester University community may hang banners on the front railings of the building and inside from the second floor stairwell. Banners may be no larger then 4' x 15' and must be approved by the Sykes Union Administration. Banners may only be hung for two weeks.
  • Student Organization Mailboxes: a limited number of mailboxes are located within the student organizations complex located on the second floor. A $10.00 deposit is required for mailbox keys which will be refunded when the keys are returned. Groups with SGA funding are able to make the deposit through their accounts. All other groups are required to pay by cash or check. Groups losing the keys will be responsible for the cost of replacing the lock and will forfeit the deposit.
  • Animals: Animals, other than service animals and guide dogs, are not permitted in the Union without permission from Sykes Union Administration and Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Smoking/Tobacco: Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Bicycles/In Line Skates/Skateboards: Are not permitted in the Union or on the steps, ramp or patio. Racks for securing bikes are located outside of each building entrance.
  • Shirts/Shoes: Due to health regulations both shirts and shoes are required to be worn while in Sykes Union.
  • Fire/Flames: No open flames of any kind, this includes candles, lighters, fireworks and matches. Candles may be used for certain functions in the Ballroom with permission from Sykes Union Administration and Environmental Health and Safety.