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Quitting Tobacco Use

Most people who are successful in quitting tobacco use do these things:

  1. Decide to Quit
  2. Set a Date
  3. Make a Plan to learn new skills and behaviors (why do you smoke, and what will you do instead?)
  4. Get Medication and use it correctly (especially if you smoke >10 cigarettes a day and/or smoke within 30 minutes of waking up in the AM)

We are here to help!


  • Pick up a Tobacco Quit Kit at the Wellness Center, Wayne Hall, 2nd Floor. The Kit contains a booklet that will guide you through the cessation process, along with candy, gum and "fidgets".
  • Call Student Health Services to schedule an appointment with the Tobacco Cessation Coordinator.


quit app Quit Guide: prepare to quit smoking and support for the days and weeks ahead. Share via Facebook or Twitter. Solutions to handle cravings.  Free quit app since i Quit: track how long since you stopped smoking, and money saved. Free in itunes.

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Web Resources


  • Visit for tips, resources, and a personalized quit plan. Free for Chester County Residents.
  • Call the PA Department of Health 24-hour Quit Line at 1.800.QUIT.NOW.  Ask about FREE medication for quitting tobacco use for PA residents.
    The TTY number for the PA Quitline is 877-777-6534.
  • For more information about a personal plan, visit:

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General Quit Tips.

I Quit
What To Do When You're Sick of Smoking, Chewing, or Dipping