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A common misconception among the general population is that fat and carbohydrates are the enemy. We often hear about “low fat” or "no carb” diets—like Atkins—being effective for weight loss, however these practices are not healthy. Cutting any major food group from your diet or dramatically reducing caloric intake is considered restrictive dieting.  Restrictive dieting can lead to several health issues, including nutritional deficiencies. Our bodies use a balance of each macronutrient to function properly and without one, things can go terribly wrong!

healthy plate

No Carbs =

Low blood sugar

Kidney Stones

Raised cholesterol levels

Low energy


No Protein =

Muscle breakdown

Weakened immune system

Increased irritability


Change in hair texture

No Fat=

Difficulty absorbing nutrients and fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin K deficiency leads to increased risk for bruising and bleeding,

Vitamin D deficiency prevents calcium absorption which impacts your bone health.

Vitamin E deficiency may produce nerve and muscle damage.

Vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness and diminishes your body's ability to fight infections.

more info on Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate


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