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Television and Cable

Xfinity on Campus

Each residence hall room and the living rooms and bedrooms in the apartments have outlets/basic cable boxes which connect to the University's television distribution system. A basic and standard cable television line-up (including HiDef) is provided to all rooms, as per the University's contract with Comcast Communications. No direct billing to students is necessary, as CATV charges are included in student fees. Students requiring assistance with a Comcast problem should contact the Residence Life Tech Office at 610-436-2344 ( or University Student Housing at 610-692-7391 (depending on where student lives). Be prepared to leave full name, complete campus address (including suite/apartment number and room), contact telephone number, serial number of cable box in question and a brief description of problem noted.

Students interested in obtaining other services from Comcast, including any Premium channels, DVR, or Cable Modem services, must contract directly with - and be billed monthly by - Comcast Communications. Before making a decision on add-on packages to your room, please check out our new IPTV service at Questions can be addressed to: Residence Life Technology Office at 610-436-2344 or go to for more information. Any additional services for students will be billed individually by Comcast, but since basic tier of service is on the WCU account, the Residence Life Technology Office can assist you with the information necessary to open a "stacked" account through Comcast Bulk Client Services.

Now you can experience more with XFINITY

  1. New to on-campus residents!
  2. Stream live TV on campus and access thousands of XFINITY On Demand titles anytime.
  3. Now you can use the XFINITY TV app to stream live TV and sports, along with thousands of on demand choices, anytime, anywhere*.
  4. Stream your DVR recordings anytime, anywhere or download them to watch even when you’re offline.
  5. Follow your favorite teams while on the go.
  6. Watch on your laptop and iOS / Android devices
  7. The best part, it’s all included in your campus housing fees
  8. Go ahead – get your stream on!

*Xfinity IPTV Streaming Services available only within the WCUPA wireless network (RamNet). This service is only available to Traditional Housing Residents (Goshen, Tyson, Killinger, Schmidt, South Campus Apartments and College Arms)


Remote Control Set-up Information

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Basic Services Information for Residents (Traditional Halls, College Arms and South Campus Apartments)