Dr. Giovanni Casotti

Division of Student Affairs

West Chester University

Dr. Matthew Bricketto
238 Sykes Student Union
West Chester, PA 19383


Dr. Giovanni Casotti

Giovanni graduated with Honors from Murdoch University in Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and then went on to receive his Ph.D. in 1993.  After completing his Ph.D., he then went on to conduct his Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Arizona. 

For the past 11 years, Dr. Casotti has served as a faculty member in the Department of Biology at West Chester University.  He has served the University on endless committees in the Department of Biology and throughout the University. He has numerous publications, including more than 20 refereed and has presented more than double that number at professional conferences.  As a member of the American Physiological Society and Society of Integrative and Comparative Biologists, he has served as a reviewer for 10 professional journals and the National Science Foundation.  He has been awarded more than 30 research and teaching grants

Giovanni has been honored with the WCU Honors Program Outstanding Award for Teaching seven times. He was also honored at the WCU Organizational Advisor of the Year in 2007.  He is one of the most recognizable professors at WCU, serving as the advisor to the Graduate Student Association from 2003-2006, and has been the Advisor to the Friars Society since 2005.  Dr. Casotti was instrumental in developing the Graduate commencement for West Chester University.

Dr. Casotti makes his home in West Chester with his wife Linda, a WCU alumna.