Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connell, owners of West Chester Off-Campus Housing are offering five(5) $1000.00 tuition-based scholarships to West Chester University students. Applications are due by October 15 and past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to enter again.

All Applicants must meet the following general criteria:

  1. Reside in West Chester Off-Campus Housing (Specifically, an O’Connell property.)
  2. Current West Chester University student in good standing with WCU and West Chester Off Campus Housing.
  3. At least one academic semester of coursework remaining after the end of this fall semester.
  4. Minimum of 15 completed credits at West Chester University with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  5. Active participant in community service this current academic year. Please include all community service beginning January 1 of this year.
  6. Completed application submitted by October 15.

  • Four $1000 scholarships will be given to a combination of male and female students.
  • One $1000 scholarship will be given to a student who has documented proof of future, current, (including ROTC), or past military service. The applicant must provide documentation at the time of application.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of two staff from the Division of Student Affairs and one full-time ineligible student. The final selection will be made by the Director of Major Gifts and Scholarships. Mr. and Mrs. O’Connell will be apprised of the outcome and will present the students with their scholarship checks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sandy Jones at sjones@wcupa.edu.

First Name    Last Name   
Student ID    Email   
Local Address   
City    State        Zip   
Phone Number  
# of Credits Completed      Academic Major  
Cumulative GPA      Anticipated Graduation Date     

1. How will you benefit from this tuition scholarship?

Task(s) Organization where you volunteer Dates of Service Total time given this academic year

    3. Besides any activities in #2, what ways are you involved on campus? Include information about employment as well.

    4. Please list the names, phone numbers, email, and relationship of 2 non-related references who can attest to your scope of campus and community involvement.

    * One $1,000 award will be given to a student who meets the general qualifications, is currently in the ROTC, who has committed to serving in the military in the future, or who is a veteran. Proof of enlistment will be required for the application.

    Email proof of military status to Off Campus Housing, OCH@wcupa.edu,
    by October 15 to be eligible for the military/veteran scholarship.