COE Technology Center

West Chester University

310 Recitation Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Call: (610) 738-0347
Fax : (610) 436-3102

Student Teachers - Laptops

Students may borrow a PC or Mac laptop for the entire semester that they will be student teaching. The laptop is loaned out at the beginning of the semester, and returned during final exam week.

All laptops have Microsoft Office and SMARTBoard Notebook software installed on them.


If you borrowed a Laptop or iPad for your Student Teaching or Practicum Please make sure you have done the following before returning them:

The iPad you are borrowing is for student use in coursework. This iPad is not for personal use and as such cannot be synced to your personal computer (This ability has been disabled by the administrator). If students delete previously added they are responsible for paying for replacing those apps. Each student is responsible for doing the following things before turning in their iPad after its loan period:

  1. Delete all pictures
  2. Delete all videos
  3. If you used iMovie, delete all projects within iMovie
  4. Delete any notes in the Notes app
  5. If you used iMessage, open the app and delete all of your previous messages, then log out of iMessage
  6. Clear your Safari browsing history
  7. If you used your Dropbox app unlink your Dropbox from the app
  8. If you added any mail accounts, contacts, or calendars, delete these linked accounts
  9. Delete your Apple ID from the iTunes & Apps Store
  10. Delete Puppet Pals Projects
  11. Delete all apps you added (Do not delete apps that were installed when you checked out the iPads)
  12. Clean the iPad screen
  13. Wrap the charger cord and secure it with a rubber band

Note: All of your data (pictures, videos, etc.) are your responsibility. If you want to keep a copy of them for your future use you are responsible for backing them up off of the iPad.