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Academic Advising

Outstanding Academic Advisors

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Academic Advising

Students can find their advisor contact information on the homepage of their myWCU account.

Outstanding Academic Advisors

These faculty were acknowledged in the 2015-2016 Outstanding Advisor Ceremony, held in April 2016.


Economics and Finance

"Professor Abdesaken goes above and beyond to help students achieve success. He fosters an atmosphere of civility and passion for the field of finance that is contagious. Gerry Abdesaken offers his guidance about clubs, class choices, and career choices to all of his students, not just his advisees. Despite the fact that I do not have the pleasure of having Gerry as my academic advisor, I have had the pleasure of benefiting from his knowledge and advice. He an exemplar candidate for this award.​"


Sports Medicine

"Dan is the most in-tune professor and advisor I have had the pleasure of working with. No matter how long it has been since I have sat down and talked with him, he always seems to remember details about what I am involved in, what my goals are and what my interests are. Regardless of what we talk about, he always offers his advice and lets me know he supports me in everything I decide to do. Dan eagerly works towards answering all of my questions before I even leave his office, and even if he doesn't have an answer, he makes every effort to try and help me find what I am looking for. Having such a supportive, helpful, caring and active advisor like him has made my college experience go much more smoothly. His guidance and reassuring words have given me the confidence to make decisions in my academic and every day life, and I can't thank him enough for that.​"


Academic Development Program

"She actually tries to do everything she can to make sure your comfortable with what's going on or what's going to happen. Dr. Bunner sits and takes the actual time into what she's explaining so that you won't have any questions , but if you do she'll answer them with no problem. She's also very patient.​"



"Dr. Cichowicz goes the extra mile to make sure her students get the most out of college.​"



"Dr. Donze has restored my interest in my undergraduate studies with her enthusiasm, passion for biology, and overall care for students. Through my interactions with her as my advisor, she has shown great initiative in order to help me get ahead both as a student and as a young professional. She takes time from her busy schedule to help solve issues that I may be having, correspond with different internship possibilities, or even just give me a confidence boost to make it through the rest of the semester. She always opens her door to her students no matter when they need. This type of care for her students is what makes Dr. Donze worthy of great recognition.


Pre-Major Advising

"He made me super confident and super excited about my career path​."



"Dr. Moran genuinely cares about the well-being and the future of his advisees. His support has been tremendously helpful through my college career.​"


Pre-Major Advising

"Dr. Seifried is very concise, organized, and helpful in advising me on my college experiences and future endeavors."



"Personally invested in the success of interested students. Suggested I enroll in GIS courses which are extremely valuable in the field of Ecology. I went on to add a GIS minor. Wrote me two letters of recommendation to Ecological internships without a second thought. Often ends up talking with students after class about related topics they are interested in. Lightning with email."



"Dr. Zotter has provided me with great insights in regards to my college career and aspirations after graduating. She never offers limiting advice, but constantly supports and guides students in whatever their endeavor/goals may be. She is a truly outstanding advisor.​"



"Brad is consistently invested in helping students in the accounting department reach their professional goals. He makes himself available as a resource to every student looking for guidance or insights. Brad is incredibly willing to share his wealth of knowledge and resources to help students prepare for their careers.​"​


Undergraduate Social Work

"Dr. Belliveau has supported me not just me, but our entire department.  She is exceedingly dedicated to the success of our program, and even gave up her sabbatical to continue to develop our new program in Philly and see our first cohort graduate.  She goes above and beyond, and is always available whenever I have needed her.  She has provided  incredible advice regarding my academic endeavors, and has never hesitated to support me in planning my future beyond WCU as well.  Few are as hardworking and caring as Dr. Belliveau and she is an asset to the university."



"Through talking with Professor Callanan, I decided to add an international business minor because he sparked my interest in more directly studying this subject. Even more importantly, though, Professor Callanan has provided me with a great deal of advice on my future career and post-undergraduate educational plans. He has always reached out to me when opportunities have arisen that he felt would be of interest to me. Professor Callanan has always seemed to have my best interest in mind and wanted to help me reach my goals. He has went above and beyond just making sure I have taken the necessary classes to graduate, which is why I wanted to nominate him as an outstanding academic advisor."


Pre-Major Advising

"She makes you really think critically about what YOU really want ​out of your collegiate experience."



"He has always been there to help. He takes his time with each student. He takes the time to investigate every detail and possible outcome.​"



"She has dedicated her life to her bettering her field. Through classes, programs and additional volunteer opportunities she has given her students the chance to learn about adapted physical education first hand."



"Dr. Oehlers consistently makes himself available to students for advising in areas ranging from academic advice to professional development. He regularly has large groups of students in his office and is eager to help each one individually, providing guidance to all students. Ultimately, Dr. Oehlers symbolizes what academic advising should really encompass - helping students to maximize their academic experience while growing professionally and personally on their way to graduation."



"Johny Tadros works as the Undergraduate Program Counselor for the Psychology Department. He thoroughly takes the time to help students get back on track with graduation and offers cogent advice if they are unsure. Students may enter his office very hesistent and unsure of their college careers, but they always leave assured in their decisions. Johny is an exceptional addition to the Psychology Department and the campus."



"Dr. Treadwell certainly is a knowledgeable professor who always looks after the best interests of his students. Before inputting his opinions on a decision or statement, he first tries to understands the students' perspective, ensuring his feedback will be most beneficial and productive. This applies not only to academic endeavors, but endeavors following graduation as well."


Pre-Major Advising

"Dr. Atuahene knows the answers to all my questions. He informs me of all the options I have and encourages success. "


Criminal Justice

"Dr. Brewster is awesome because she has helped me sign up for the Fast Track program and has always helped me choose excellent classes.​"


Theatre & Dance

"Professor Case provides her students with the opportunity to explore their area of interest. She interacts with her students in a collaborative manner that encourages students to explore their skills as a leader. Her expectations inspire her students to create their best work. The students of the Department of Theatre and Dance are lucky to have Professor Case as an advisor!​"


Communication Studies

"Dr. Dean is always willing to take the time for any student who asks to discuss their schedule, plans for the future, opportunities available to further their college experience, or even just to catch up. Additionally, Dr. Dean never turns down an opportunity to help any student grow and achieve their goals despite his busy schedule.​"


Early & Middle Grades Education

"My advisor is also my teacher and one of my greatest role models at West Chester University. She devotes all of her time to her students and their educational experiences. She has taught me more about the profession I am entering than any of my other teachers and when she teaches, she inspires me to be as passionate as she is. As an advisor, she consistently pushes me and supports me to go beyond what is required to gain an enriching experience. She has shown me nothing but support and I could not be more grateful to her for all that she does. ​"



"Dr. Anne Mitchell started as my advisor but I was switched to Dr. Charlotte Mackey (another wonderful advisor) due to my Honors standing. However, I still go to Dr. Mitchell with questions relating to nursing, graduate schools, employment and scholarships. She recently wrote me a recommendation letter for the Board of Governors Scholarship, a gesture I am very grateful for. When I felt dismayed over the future prospect of graduate school, she encouraged me by noting my strengths, some of which I had previously downplayed. Dr. Mitchell has helped me in multiple ways and absolutely deserves this award."


Communication Studies

"Dr. Sawyer is not only an incredible professor, but one of the greatest assets to the West Chester University environment. Her brutal honesty, rigorous courses, and determination make’s our undergraduate shine in the working world." 



"Dr. Thornton always encourages his advisees to excel, and always can answer all of our questions. When things get tough he helps us through and always can find a solution to our problems.​"

Julie B.

Anthropology & Sociology

"Dr. Wiest is the reason I am proud to say I will be graduating in December with a B.A. in Sociology. I am a transfer student and before coming to West Chester University I debated dropping out of college altogether because I wasn't sure it was right for me. When I transferred here I was unfamiliar with the academic process of West Chester University. Dr. Wiest went above and beyond every expectation I had of an academic advisor. She took as much time as I needed to explain everything to me. She was patient and supportive and opened my eyes to opportunities I would not have known existed. She encouraged and challenged me to do my best and she deserves to be recognized for everything that she does."