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Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs)

Specialized Professional Associations are national organizations representing teachers, professional education faculty, and other school personnel who teach a specific subject matter (e.g., mathematics or social studies), teach students at a specific developmental level (i.e., early childhood, elementary, middle level, or secondary), teach students with specific needs (e.g., bilingual education or special education), administer schools (e.g., principals or superintendents), or provide services to students (e.g., school counselors or school psychologists). Standards developed by SPAs describe what professionals in the field should know and be able to do. 

Programs at WCU are either accredited or nationally recognized by their SPAs.

Accredited Programs

   Program Name

Link to SPA website

Link to Standards
   Counselor Education CACREP Standards
   Communicative Disorders ASHA Standards
   Music Education NASM Standards



Nationally Recognized Programs in the College of Education

   Program Name

Link to SPA website

Link to Standards
   Early Grades Preparation NAEYC Standards
   Literacy IRA Standards
   Middle Grades Preparation AMLE Standards
   Special Education CEC Standards


Nationally Recognized Programs in Other Colleges in the Unit

   Program Name

Link to SPA website

Link to Standards
   English NCTE Standards
   Foreign Languages
ACTFL Standards
   Mathematics NCTM Standards


NSTA Standards
   Social Studies NCSS Standards
   Health and Physical Education