Counselor of education video transcript

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West Chester University

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West Chester, PA 19383
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My name’s Jenn McGinty (Jennifer sitting on a stool), I’m in special education and elementary education.  I started within my first year, if not my first semester of sophomore year going out into the field, so they’re very hands on experience right from the beginning.  I’ve worked with students ages five to nineteen years of age, in elementary and special Ed.” 

“ELMO is the new organization I’m in (Jenn playing with a student), Elementary Math Organization, and in that we meet a few times a year but we go to different elementary schools and we hold math fairs so that the parents and the students can kind of come out for a fun night to enjoy with their students while they’re learning.  So they really get excited there (Jenn playing board games and reading with students).”

“I think that the professors have a huge impact on the students (Jenn sitting on a stool); I know that for me I wouldn’t have even had this experience if Dr. Vernon didn’t think I deserved it  (Jenn talking to Dr. Vernon in her office).  She got a hold of me, and like asked me if I would be interested in this.  I think all of the professors really get in touch with their students and I can walk in their office and they know me by my name, which in a lot of schools if the class sizes are too large, you don’t have that.”

“Freshmen year I can’t even believe the person that I was  (Jenn pictured with a young student) , compared to what I am now and I really do think that West Chester, the programs really do help you because they get you right in there.  I knew I wanted to do Special Ed but you don’t know coming into it what kind of disabilities you’ll work with.  (Jenn sitting on a stool) You don’t know in elementary coming into it what kind of schools you’ll be put in.  So I think I just become, like, appreciative of just the program and just the opportunity of me having it and working in schools like in Philadelphia makes me realize how hard people have to work there to get into it and how important it is for people like me to give back because I did get that opportunity (Jenn talking to someone at a book fair).”

“I’ve visited other schools and they just didn’t, they didn’t really do it for me (Cars driving by the campus),   and I came here- as soon as I got, just in the town, and I saw the students walking around and we went up in town to the different restaurants, just I knew that this was just the place I felt comfortable in just as an atmosphere (Students walking around on campus).  But I also knew the reputation it had for education as well so I knew that this was a school I was really interested in.  I love West Chester (laughing), and that’s without any fluff or anything, I really do.  (Jenn sitting on a stool) I guess just the experience that you have here, it’s just amazing.”