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Early and Middle Grades

Video Transcript

An aspiring teacher, Anna Kunz is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.  At West Chester University, Anna confirmed what she has known all along—she has a passion for working with children.  “I was given the opportunity to work one-on-one with students in a first grade classroom for my practicum.  I also had the chance to teach lessons and get the full experience of what it’s like to be a teacher” Anna said.  After that experience, she knew that teaching elementary students was her calling.    

Part of Anna’s dedication to helping young children succeed includes participating in the West Chester Association for the Education of Young Children (WCAEYC).  Through that organization, she tutors children in many academic areas and assists them with various activities.   

In addition to working with children through WCAEYC, West Chester’s Elementary Education program offers students the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with children beginning with their freshman year.  Anna added that along with her early practicum experience she was surprised to find out that as a freshman, she was able to take interdisciplinary courses such as Integrating Arts within the Elementary classroom.  It was in that course where she learned to incorporate music, dance, and art into the elementary curriculum.  Anna noted that as early as her freshman year, she was taught how to create lesson plans and was given the opportunity to teach her classmates the plan and get feedback from them.  

Anna values the support from her classmates, professors, and advisor.   “My advisor would ask me to stop in her office just to catch up and make sure that I was doing well in all of my courses. They care about your success.”  Anna further noted that West Chester University promotes a friendly environment where the professors are always willing to help and the students are open and welcoming.