Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Class & Event Schedule

Spring 2016 Courses in the MA and Holocaust and Genocide Studies




PSC 330 Politics of the Holocaust and Genocide

Dr. Polsky 

MWF 1:00-1:50 pm

HIS 332 The Holocaust

Dr. Friedman

T 7:15-10:00 pm

LAN 312 What is Empathy

Dr. Landwehr

TTh 2:00-3:15 pm

HIS 546 Genocide

Dr. Gaydosh

Th 7:15-10:00pm

HIS 536 Europe since 1914

Dr. Friedman

Th 7:15-10:00 pm

PHI 481/581 Philosophy of Human Rights

Dr. Udell

M 7:15-10:00 pm

CRJ 505 Criminological Theory

Dr. Przemieniecki

M 5:50-8:35 pm