Anthropology & Sociology

West Chester University

International Development Activities

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology fosters a global awareness and perspective by connecting students to global issues through curricular and extracurricular activities. As part of this effort the Department has, in collaboration with the Institute for International Development, taken students to different parts of the world to experience other cultures and participate in ongoing development projects. We presently collaborate with two non-profit organizations Carleva Center for Global Understanding in St. Andrews, Jamaica and Ashraya Initiative for Children in Pune, India. Students travel to these centers and participate in literacy promotion programs, health and health education programs, and environmental and gender related initiatives. Students also visit local Colleges and Universities where they attend classes and engage with local students and faculty. Students have used these visits to conduct studies in their area of interest, present their findings at local and national conferences, and publish papers in academic journals. These visits earn credit toward the major or minor in Anthropology and Sociology, and provide the skills and experiences for careers in the non-profit sector.

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For more information about International Development Activities, please contact Dr. Valerian DeSousa.