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West Chester University

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Archaeological Methods


Related Publications:

Wholey, Heather A. and Carole L. Nash (2014) " Teaching Basic Archaeological Skills: Current Approaches in Undergraduate Field and Classroom Settings."  The SAA Archaeolgoical Record 14(3): 27-31.

Wholey, Heather A. and Jennifer Falchetta (2011) "Charms, Skinners and Slickstones: The Wilson Collection Documentation Project."  Pennsylvania Archaeologist 81(1):58-70.

Prehistoric Human Population Ecology

Related Publications:

Wholey, Heather A. (2016) "Transitional Archaic Settlement Density in Eastern Pennsyvlvania". In The Nature and Pace of Change in American Indian Cultures: Pennsylvania, 4000-3000 BP. Edited by R. Michael Stewart, Kurt Carr and Paul Raber, pp. 111-120.  State College: Pennsylavnia State University Press.

Wholey, Heather A. (2013) "Archaic Hunter Gatherer Population Ecology: The Middle Atlantic Transect Approach ." Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 29: 147-158.

Wholey, Heather A. (2009) "A Population Approach to the Middle Atlantic Archaic."  North American Archaeologist 30(1):1-21.

Archaeology, Landscapes and Environment

Related Publications:

Wholey, Heather A. and Thomas D. Shaffer (2014) "Prehistoric Steatite Acquistion and Transport: A Predictive Framework."  Archaology of Eastern North America 42: 165-176.

Wholey, Heather (2011) "Steatite: A Landscape Perspective."  Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 27:113-120.